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 Enabling Business Excellence through Simulation Games

Business Simulation

Business Simulation

We simulate your business processes by providing a risk free environment to your workforce.


Business Games

Why should only gamers have all the fun? ProcessBee games have best of both worlds, engaging game play and business simulation.



The skills, values, and knowledge are measured by various interactions between players and game elements.



We believe that learning happens the most when the learner teaches himself and our game platform provides a risk free environment to your learners.



Our expert team would help you in interpreting work style reports of your employees and would coach your workforce.

 We equip today’s millennial workforce to meet tomorrow’s challenges by playing simulation games.
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StratUp is a Multiplayer, Online, Role-Playing Strategic Business Simulation Game.  The players virtually run a business by donning the role of various functional heads of an organisation. An engaging and immersive game to impart decision making in a dynamic environment.
The game fosters an environment for the players to enhance their risk taking skills, ability to think abstract, and take dynamic decisions while juggling multiple considerations and weighing options in a collaborative environment.


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“You cannot negotiate with people who say whats mine is mine and whats yours is negotiable”   – John F Kennedy
Manoeuvre is a strategic negotiation game, where individuals manage their resources and interact with other team players to negotiate to maximise individual returns and collectively overpower their competition.
 An ancient war game between various kingdoms who are competing to achieve a divine resource which would offer them immunity against enemies.


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 “Theres no such thing as work-life balance. Theres work, and theres life and theres no balance.”  – Sheryl Sandberg
 The millennials have crammed themselves with diverse activities during the day, they dawn multiple hats and work on diverse projects. The need for a balance between work and life has not been felt as ever before.
Equalance Board game offers a unique learning experience to players, by understanding tradeoffs between time and money in leading a balanced life. The players are subjected to various real life scenarios and tasked with the objective of striking a balance between Personal, Professional and Financial Well Being.


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 With intense competition and technological advancements, companies are required to constantly innovate and improve on operational efficiencies to deliver value to shareholders and customers.
Streamlining processes are no more the responsibility of a selected few in an organisation. Knowledge of streamlining methodologies and tools will equip your workforce to constantly innovate and participate in continuous improvement.
STRATCON is a Process Re-engineering board game which equips your workforce with requisite know how and tools to streamline your business processes.


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About ProcessBee

At Process Bee, we design and develop learning games that simulate business environments with a focus to measure and impart 21st century skills.
   Our immersive, role-playing, and time-bound games simulate business environment and transports you to a micro world of strategies and business decisions affecting the market and the world around you.
ProcessBee games are designed using systematically crafted pedagogy and evidence-centred game design. Our non-intrusive assessment captures various decisions and actions performed by the players and generates work-style profiling and diagnostic reports.


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     “StratUp is an engaging Management Simulation Game and has the capability to test the team spirit along with the subject knowledge of each individuals on different topics. The experience with StratUp was fabulous especially the fact that I was learning at the same time having fun doing so, unlike other Business Simulation that I have come across.”

    Racheal Jacob Kannanaikal, 

    Amrita School of Business


    “Strat up’s multi-player and function-based game play helps get wind of the impact of the decision-making, whether good or bad, in a risk-free environment.  A wholesome package of fun and learning, the participants’ excitement and engagement are very real! Loved the desi avatars and the familiar chess-board style movement.”

    Megha R, 

    Amrita School of Business


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