With increased cost pressures and the need for agile processes to meet customer expectations, organisations need to equip their workforce to think systematically and to have a problem solving approach to everyday operational process issues. STRATCON equips your workforce with the requisite skill sets and tools to reengineer business processes.

Learning Deliverables

Process Mapping & Modelling – Understand fundamental dynamics of process, map existing process and find areas of problem to re-engineer a process.

Solutions Approach – Understand a solutions approach to solve daily operational and process issues.

Design Thinking – Enables design thinking and a mindset to look at processes differently.

Features & Benefits


Immediate ROI

The custom version of the game, models you’re existing business process and at the end of the workshop, participants would have reengineered your process thereby providing an opportunity to implement suggestions from your employees.


Lean, Six Sigma & BPM

Participants are exposed to the concepts of Lean, Six Sigma and BPM and its practical application.


Process Modelling

Participants will be trained on process mapping and modelling techniques to reengineer business processes.

Learning Outcomes


    Problem Solving


    A role playing and problem solving based approach to learn and understand complex concepts in a fun and engaging way.


    Design Thinking


    Participants would be exposed to understanding the art and science of design and its practical application in process reengineering.


    Solutions Approach


    Participants not only learn various reengineering concepts, but also have the opportunity to practically implement their learning to arrive at solutions to a real life problem.



    “Working through a competitive video game teaches you a lot about how to handle winning, losing, and working with others. “

    -Megan Roberts



    “Creativity, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, decision making, risk taking, all found in game-based learning.”

    -Mark Grundel