A first of its kind Business Simulation Game, which enables your workforce to get an holistic perspective to strategically plan, think and execute their strategies in an engaging and immersive environment. The game simulates real life organisational dynamics and captures players decisions to generate a work style profile report.

Learning Deliverables

 Strategy Management Еxecution and constant alignment of a strategy, solid cross-functional understanding of the business enterprise.

Strategic Planning and Thinking – Аbility to analyze circumstances, establish objectives, and lay out plans of coordinated activities that extend several planning periods into the future.

 Leadership, Teamwork and Collaboration Skills – А complete teambuilding experience: participants must fight for their ideas, and at the same time collaborate with each other to outperform competitors

Managing Finances and Organisational Dynamics – Seeing the impact of decisions taken on profitability and managing organisational dynamics to have a balanced growth.

Features & Benefits


Immersive Environment

The players are transported to a virtual world of strategy and the gaming environment provides an affective learning experience.


Organisational Dynamics

The game simulates various politics or scenarios which are ingrained in every organisation. The learners understand the impact of such scenarios first hand.



The game’s evidence centered design, captures various decisions of the users and the analytics engine generates a work style profile report of the player.



The game is modular and can be customised to the needs of various organisations, thereby providing a closer to life experience to the player.


Distributed Teams

Distributed teams located across various geographical borders, can collaborate with each other to have a unique learning experience.

 Organisational Impact


    Role Reversals

     Are your departments operating in silos?

    Are your employees failing to see the merit in others argument?

    Make your employee reverse roles in STRATUP and they would be in a position to appreciate the power of collaborate effort.


     Succession Planning

     Do you want to identify the right person for the right role?

    STRATUP analytics will equip you with Works Style profile reports for your employees.


    Training & Need Analysis


    A first of its kind Experiential Business Simulation Game to help your managers understand the impact of their decisions run time.


    Strategic Planning & Team Dynamics


    The game offers a virtual environment for your employees to experiment with their decisions collaboratively and provide them instantaneous feedback.



    “Working through a competitive video game teaches you a lot about how to handle winning, losing, and working with others. “

    -Megan Roberts



    “Creativity, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, decision making, risk taking, all found in game-based learning.”

    -Mark Grundel